Chat Time, Chatime


So I spent last weekend at KL.  Why KL? Because I’m impulsive and was thinking more with my heart than my brain at the time.My Friends asked me “Why not SG?” and I gave them the explanation that I was in the mood of being total anti-mainstream, no offense.

Little did they know, the mini buried obsession I had was that my crush (or former crush, or whatever) went there alone a few months ago. He seemed to enjoy his mini vaycay there, because he elegantly bragged about it by posting photos on Path (don’t mind my judgement, not over him). Like I said, KL is a not so obvious choice compared to SG, so not many people on my circle goes there.

I’m very irrational at times. I spent money to go to a place just to secretly get an excuse to have a fun conversation with someone who may or (most probably) may not care, but I already did it. I went to KL and have no idea where to go……which gave me an excuse to abruptly call the person of interest.

Nearing midnight, while drinking Chatime in front the hotel, after impulsively calling a friend, I got bored and used the excuse of being at KL and not knowing where to go as a logical basis. Again, I’m very impulsive, so the moment he picked up the phone we had an impromptu conversation which lasted for hours and ended with a dinner appointment. Pathetic, aren’t I? But hey, I’m happy with the outcome.

I should really get over this phase.

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