Give my heart a break!


One of my new year resolution is to workout 3 times a week. I point that out 3 weeks before NYE. The reason behind it : 1. Literally out of shape, 2. No longer flexible, 3. Got a minor heart problem (very minor + I smoke). Knowing that I tend to back out impulsively, the day after I tied myself down by signing up to a gym chain that could be classified as quite expensive. The monthly payment really hurts my wallet.

I have a very bad habit of sleeping late in the morning every time there’s a big meeting or deadline the next day, which leaves me with only 2-3 hours of sleep. With my “more than 9 to 5” working hour, it took its toll on my health , my heart specifically. I had nausea, fell, and fainted during simple activities, like bathing. The doctor gave me the exact same medicine he gave to my grandma. It first happened in 2012, it was far worse than last year’s though. Because it already happened twice in the period of one year, it gave me quite a scare.

The day I signed up for the gym membership, I was excited and made plans like what to wear, how to get there etc. Unfortunately, one day before the scheduled gym premier date, I fell at the mall. My heart just didn’t want to go to the gym and was desperately asking for an appropriate break. Before it becomes as bad as the year before, I took precaution and had a proper life cycle for 2 weeks. Had 8 hours of sleep, left the office at 5, ate healthy, drank plenty of water, and wore flats. 

Ever since my 2 weeks break, I haven’t succeed the workout plan. 15% no time, 30% scared, 55% plain lazy. So now, I really need to make an elaborate plan to kick myself and go to the wallet-wrenching gym!

Wish me luck! 



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