Sweetest Sixteen.


My sweet sixteen?

It was sweet. One of the sweetest years of my life. Of course not everything went well that year, but all the sweetness is what I still remember up til this day. Sophomore year of high school, don’t you think its the best? Angst. crush, finding out who you are, trying to be this and that. I did a lot of things during my 16th year of life. But, yeah, my birthday was one of the best.

I had many guy friends during high school, and not much girl friends. Many actually, but I had a whirlwind time fitting in and finding out how to act around them. Very much part of growing up, right? So at that time I hung out more with the boys. I felt that I can relate more to them than to the girls. They, in return, gave me a special treatment. I was part of the boys, but they still treated me more delicately than to boys. They were my extended family at school and after school.

The eve of my birthday, I slept at my room, like normal days. On the stroke of midnight, I was waiting for the first “Happy Birthday” text from anybody when my mom knocked my door. When I got out to the family room, there they were. The five of them, in the middle of the night. They came to the place the dubbed as “The Forest”. It was pretty late for us kids that time, and my house is far from theirs. So they sweetly asked my mom whether they could bunk in at our house for the night. My mom know these boys since they were kids, so she said yes, but after they called each of their parents’. 

That night, we had fun. We were figuring out how should they sleep, since there’s no way they could sleep in one bed as I was. So the most sensible thing was for them to sleep at my sister’s room, yes the five of them. Three on the top bed, and two on the bottom pullout bed. We were laughing how ridiculous it was. Three hours passed, we were tired eventually and slept.

The next morning, I was the one who woke up first. I went to my sister’s room and watch them sleeping. Like watching puppies. Half an hour later they were all awake and we laughed more. It was one of the sweetest moment in my teenage years. Waking up in the morning of my birthday in my own house with my best friends, whom are boys. 



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