2015 : Reconnection



Listening to : Novo Amor – Weather

Lets start with……….Hello!

I have no idea when will you get this. The post office said, around 1 – 3 months!

FYI, this is one of my 2015 resolution. Reconnect with postcards. I’m so excited with this.

Honestly, up to Jan 4th 2015, I’ve forgotten your existence. Isn’t that mean? I still have no clue how to keep up with all the people around me. I want to defy distance and hour (difference).

After that day, I kept reminiscing the old times. We grew up together. Distance shouldn’t  keep us apart! My feelings are more important than the fact we’re 10,620 miles apart and its saying it misses you….

So I’m gonna keep up with you………would you do the same too?



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