Street (Rail Road)


This is not actually a street, but lots of people go through this rail road from dusk til dawn. It’s from one of the most packed stations in this country, Yogyakarta.

We arrived at 6 AM and was greeted by this lovely warm sunlight. It was so pretty that it cheered us up after an 8-hour train ride. The air was breezy in contrast to the warmth, noting us it will be a beautiful day ahead.

It’s a good start for a very much needed vacation. I’m hopeful for this one and too excited to write anything longer than this. 

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A small space with lots of greenery. I’m lucky enough to have this view everytime I need to relax and unwind. 

Living in the nation’s capital, every year the green area that are free to the public eye becomes less and less. With all the development and infrastructure, the city is getting packed with humans and concrete. Everything is growing here, economy, pollution, population, you name it.

It’s a good sign for a developing country. However, I cannot deny that the city is not the ideal place to clear out your mind considering the hustle and bustle all around.

But home is home. And mine is nestled inside our nation’s growing concrete jungle. I will not trade this place for another. I want to grow old if God is willing.

Happy weekend 😉
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