TGIF. Literally.


As any citizen of this planet would know, today is Friday. The last day of working days, of listening to whirlwind meetings, of catching up deadlines, before we go through the cycle again on Monday. From what I see, most people have two state of mind on Fridays, 1. Oh crap! got to finish this work before the weekends and everybody goes home early; or 2. Oh, what the hell. Today is already Friday. Everything else can be done on Monday. Hello Weekends!!. This morning, my state of mind was the latter part.

I ain’t give shit on today’s work and just couldn’t resist the bliss of weekend. The most part of the morning, all I thought about was lunch and where should I go tonight before going home. Don’t judge me yet, my daydreaming was supported by the fact I had 50% of my job done by morning. I know my work rhythm and how to manage time, thank you very much. As I was saying, I was pretty sure my colleagues were thinking the same thing as I was, so I took the liberty of forming a mini dinner group for tonight. There’s this new sushi place that everyone in my circle (ie. Path) is talking about, so we were thinking of going there and check out the scene.┬áBy noon, almost everyone agreed on going out tonight, but still haven’t decided the place. That’s when my mild mood started to crumble.

My senior colleagues have the tendency to be panicky and stuff. One was breathing down my neck since morning, but got really agitated after lunch.Today, she had the number 1 state of mind. I hate being chased out like that, so I did my best and pulled some strings to make miracle happen. Thank God, I succeeded. On the other hand, the mentioned colleague changed her mind and said “what about doing this Monday morning?”. Pissed as I was, I had to explain to the sources of the strings I pulled that I don’t need the favors I asked earlier. All but one sources were understanding enough. This one very important source called me and said that if I ever needed this kind of favor again, he will not entertain it. There goes my credibility, off the window. I was furious.

After that incident, all I wanted to do was to get out of the office. So I gathered my mini group again to finalize the place and the time we bail the office. Another strike, they got indecisive and finally the highlight of my day got cancelled. Within three hours today, I got pissed twice. I was super sulky, I turned off my laptop once the clock stroked 5.30 PM.

The ex-mini dinner group caught me at the office lobby and were asking whether I was pissed or not. They’ve got to be kidding me. I was in no mood of being jolly. Without answering the question I went straight to the elevator. I know I was being crappy, but I think my excuse was good enough.

Both events just made my day too tiring to smile. I had no plans and just wanted to smoke. I went to the building lobby and lit up a cigarette. While my mind went to limbo viewing the smoke dancing in the air, someone called my name from behind. It was this guy from my office floor. The one I deliberately acted like a dumb blonde a few days ago (though I’m a brunette).

He asked me what I was doing there all alone, and because I was still part at limbo, I instantly said “I don’t know”. I think he was concern that he asked me to come with him sit at the building’s plaza. Just when we got a table, he asked me again, “what do you want to drink?”. I’ve never been asked that way before by a guy I just knew, dumbfounded, I said “anything”.

While waiting for him, I thought his way was cool. No small talk, no nothing. He came with two drinks and started asking why I looked woeful and other stuff. So I told him the highlight of my crappy day. He asked me which drink I want, and I said “whichever is fine”, but he insists that I choose first. I thought that was very gentleman of him. So I picked the apple tea. He listens well and this was my first time actually talking to him.

I really hope there will be more conversations with him any time soon. I want to know more about him. I also really hope he’s single. A girl is allowed to dream..

Until then…





One day I was asked by a friend of mine, “do you still like him ? do you still think about him?”

This was my answer :

“Apparently he is still inside.

Hiding deep between the vague layers.

Popping up once in a while to reminisce the clinging past.

Shattered here and there, yet impeccably tied with thin strings to keep it as a whole.

So when I pick them up again, it will always be as good as it used to.”