A friend of mine not so long ago enlightened me with the topic of “change”. We are aware that change is never an easy process, nor it is instant. It takes commitment and determination and no shortfall of patience, but most definitely it takes time.

Change in every aspect also requires a somewhat hefty investment. Let it be financial, men power, machineries, or as simple emotion. So when we could deduceĀ  that change is not something to be taken lightly, do we remember to resound that to ourselves?

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One day I was asked by a friend of mine, “do you still like him ? do you still think about him?”

This was my answer :

“Apparently he is still inside.

Hiding deep between the vague layers.

Popping up once in a while to reminisce the clinging past.

Shattered here and there, yet impeccably tied with thin strings to keep it as a whole.

So when I pick them up again, it will always be as good as it used to.”